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The Warm Up is our introductory package for students and parents getting acquainted with the college admissions process. During this (approximate 2 hour) meeting, we will:

  • Interview family

  • Assess student's academic interests and strengths

  • Review transcript and standardized tests

  • Discuss educational (and athletic) goals

  • Advise on coursework and extracurricular activities

  • Outline the college search and admissions process

  • Review student's summer activities and enrichment possibilities

  • Explain NCAA eligibility and the athletic recruiting process (if applicable)


The Game Plan package includes all of the Warm Up elements, plus:

  • Monitor and evaluate academic (and athletic) progress during up to three meetings throughout year

  • Evaluate and advise on course selection

  • Conduct college research; devise preliminary list of colleges to consider

  • Plan standardized test schedule/ discuss test prep options

  • Explore leadership opportunities

  • Begin building resume/brag sheet/ athletic profile page

  • Answer unlimited questions via phone weekdays or email anytime


The Varsity package is designed for the junior who is beginning to focus on the college admissions process. it includes all of the Game Plan elements, plus we will:

  • Meet throughout the year (up to 10 meetings) to evaluate progress

  • Discuss colleges student may be considering/conduct further college research

  • Investigate options for enhancing academic profile

  • Establish standardized test schedule/devise test prep strategy

  • Refine resume/brag sheet/athletic profile page

  • Consider athletic options: NCAA divisions l,ll,lll; NAIA; NJCAA (if applicable)

  • Plan and prepare for communicating with coaches (if applicable)

  • Identify teachers to ask for letters of recommendation, how to approach them

  • Review common application and other relevant college applications

  • Create list of colleges to visit/prepare for visits

  • Answer unlimited questions via phone weekdays or email anytime 


The MVP is designed for the senior who seeks support through the college application process. Beginning in the summer before senior year, this package includes all relevant services from the Varsity package, plus we will:

  • Meet weekly (if needed), until all applications are completed

  • Assemble packets for each teacher from whom client will request recommendation

  • Create a final list of colleges, and consider Early Action/Early Decision choices

  • Formulate a strategy and time line for completing the applications

  • Brainstorm essay topics, offer guidance on the essays, short answers and personal statement

  • Edit drafts of the above

  • Practice interviewing, hone interview skills

  • Refine and update resume/brag sheet/athletic profile

  • Offer guidance to athletes about recruiting trips, letters of intent

  • Evaluate admission offers and help choose the best match

  • Advise regarding wait list or deferment


This is the comprehensive package which provides college coaching from 9th or 10th grade through 12th grade. We will provide all of the services outlined in the previous packages, from goal setting, course selection,summer enrichment, community service and extra-curricular activities, to overseeing the college applications and ensuring they are submitted properly.


Individual services are available by the hour.

  • Essay brainstorming and editing

  • Review of college application

  • Extracurricular/summer/community service/enrichment/gap year recommendations

  • Athlete profile/brag sheet development


  • Writing dynamic essays

  • Preparing an outstanding application

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